Thursday, July 05, 2012

July is Parks and Recreation Month

Summertime. Parks. Recreation. Go hand-in-hand, right?

That’s why July is Parks and Recreation Month!

The Chattanooga area is bountiful with city and county parks and with state and federal recreation areas.  There are many local opportunities to experience a local park.  But recreational activities can be done at home or work too.

The staff at the Chatt State library enjoys many different recreational activities. For example, at work on the Amnicola campus, a simple exit from the library’s back door and a walk across the campus back street, leads many staff members to quick access to the Tennessee Riverpark. Having a stressful day? Nothing beats down stress like a short stroll along a riverbank. 

Other activities enjoyed by the staff include birding, golf, tennis, bowling, bicycling, kayaking, and outdoor photography.

Celebrate parks and recreation month: check out the book display in the library, or visit the parks and recreation guide with links, videos, and more:

Post submitted by Dwight Hunter.

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