Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Native Americans, Veterans, and Thanksgiving

November is a busy celebratory month! 

In the library we are celebrating Native American Heritage Month with a book display and a Native American guideThis guide provides information and links about Native American books, articles, library videos, YouTube videos, and a link to the TVA documentation in 1936.  

When TVA bought the land around the Tennessee River that would become covered by the waters of Chickamauga Lake, the agency sent out professional teams to document Native American villages.  Among the documentation were burial mounds.  One mound, the "Hixon Mound," was located south of present day Dallas Bay.  The images in the collection showed how this mound looked before excavation. The "Hixon Mound" is now inundated by the Lake.

Another box in the Native American guide has information about the Navajo code talkers.  This secret code was never broken and was used even after World War II.  The Navajo code talkers are mentioned in another sign located at the Native American book display that connects the Navajo code talkers to 11-11-11: Veterans Day!

Veterans Day is to thank all of the living veterans for their service to country.  So please, thank a Vet today. The History Channel has a page dedicated to the Thank A Vet social campaign:

And thanking a Vet ties into the tradition of November that is Thanksgiving.  Make this Thanksgiving an opportunity to thank those people who serve in our military, who serve as volunteers, who serve our society to make it a better place for all.

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month Guide:

Celebrate Veterans Day Guide:


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