Thursday, April 14, 2011

View the Photography of Kevin Livingood

Come see the photography of Kevin Livingood in the library!
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Kevin Livingood utilizes multiple photographic techniques to create his final works. He primarily relies upon a style know as "High Dynamic Range"  to merge multiple exposures into a single composition. This technique allows Kevin to accentuate the outlier ranges within highlights and shadows that are ordinarily lost within the confines of a single exposure. 

Kevin also enjoys the art of long exposure photography. Using a specially designed neutral density filter which restricts light to 0.1% of what the human eye can normally see, he is able to produce very long exposures to unveil movement, textures and mood which is normally absent to the human eye.

As photographic art being Kevin’s outlet and form of expression, he prefers to create unique and one of a kind images. Many of his images are planed out months in advance and are only created under appropriate conditions.

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