Thursday, March 31, 2011

Apple Corps Comes to the Library!

On Wednesday, March 30 at 3:00, the drum roll began for the unveiling of a new technology lab in the library--the Apple Corps! (Yes, pronounced just like "apple core." Clever, huh?) Representatives from SGA and the library were present to make the announcement, and apple juice, apples, and McDonald's apple pies were served.

Here is a little Q&A for those of you who love details, and you know who you are.

What is the Apple Corps?

As a result of the demand and need for more high-end software on the library's Apple computers, additional programs were added, such as Adobe Creative Suite Version 5, Final Cut Pro, and Final Cut Express (video-editing software) that will allow users to create products and work on projects even better than they could before. Two more Apple computers were added, bringing the total number to SIX.

Who saw the need and got behind it?

Faculty in the film production, website design, and graphic arts departments wanted their students to be able to use state-of-the-art technology that would allow them to expand their capabilities and prepare for the jobs that will require them to use these programs.

How were these enhancements paid for?
Funds were provided through students' Technology Access Fees, and the SGA provided headphones with budget allotments designated for student projects.

Where is the Apple Corps?

The Macintosh computers are located at the collaboration computer stations in the North area of the library just past the Technology Help Desk. Look for the BIG monitors and the Apple logos.

When are the Apple computers available?
Ah, that's the benefit of having the technology IN THE LIBRARY.  The library's spring semester hours include evenings and weekends, providing access seven days a week! So, come in and use them any time we're here. Use is on a "first-come" basis, though.

Just another way that Chattanooga State is providing students with technology and opportunity as we prepare them for what we believe will be a productive future.

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Great idea. The library is so great!