Monday, June 07, 2010

NEW! National Library Symbol--What's Up With That?

Look at the two images below, and comment with your answer to the question under the images. Hey, we're not trying to play any kind of psychological game with you. This is an actual question.

Recently, an additional National Library symbol was introduced as a way to let people know about the availability of technology at libraries.
If you saw the symbol on the right as you were driving down the highway, would you say to yourself: "Self, there is a library at the next exit because I just saw the library symbol," OR would you say, "Self, there's a WiFi facility at the next exit where I can use my laptop." 

Just curious to know if the laptop symbol says what it is meant to say, or if it will need some "gettin' used to" as your granny might have put it.

We'd like to have your reactions to the new symbol, so take a minute and send us a comment.  You know you want to!


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