Monday, April 19, 2010

ON DISPLAY: New Books & DVDs! Yippee!

Recently, a group of faculty and staff, along with a few librarians, went on a field trip to a large, local bookstore for a shopping spree!  Why do you think they spent part of their day doing this?

  • a) They wanted to try out a new restaurant near the mall.

  • b) They had money that was burning holes in their pockets.

  • c) They love to spend other people's money.

  • d) They were invited by Vicky Leather, Dean of Library Services, to choose books and DVDs that they thought would enhance learning and be entertaining.

If you chose "D," you're right!  And those items are currently on display in the library and ready to be checked-out.  So bring your library cards, or student IDs and take some home.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the variety of topics, the quality of the content, and the general fun-ness of the collection.

Thanks to these folks for taking time out of their busy schedules to shop for you:

Amy Campbell, Math & Science

Joyce Campbell, Nursing

Yolanda Green, Nursing

Brian Hale. Humanities

Amanda Hyberger, Humanities

Kris Jones, Humanities

Lori Lammert, Humanities

Carolyn Miller, Humanities

Steve Moore, Advising

Marshall Parentt, Humanities

Kathy Puri, Nursing

Bill Stifler, Humanities

Cynthia Swafford, Nursing

Bill Teem, Humanities

Pam Temple, Library

Lori Warren, Library

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