Monday, March 08, 2010

Library Will Be Open During Spring Break, Mar. 8-14

From March 8-14 Chattanooga State's classes will be suspended for a well-deserved Spring Break.  But while you're soaking up rays on white-sand beaches, or hiking on shade-dappled trails, or driving along country backroads, or taking the kids to Disneyworld, or just catching a few extra hours of sleep, library staff will be here--same time; same place. 

You heard right!  Just because it's Spring Break and classes are canceled doesn't mean there isn't work to be done.  You might need to catch up on work that's already late or get ahead on work that's coming up, so we'll be open our regular hours all week to help you accomplish that. 

Other support services across campus will be open as well, but their hours may vary.  Only the faculty get time off, but they'll have plenty to do.  You'll be turning in mountains of papers and taking way too many tests before the break, right? 

Enjoy your respite, and if we don't see you next week, we'll see you March 15th for sure.

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