Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Protect Yourself: Seatbelts and STDs

You get in your car and automatically put on the seat belt.  It's the law.  But you get in bed with someone, and no law requires you to practice safe sex.  Having unprotected sex can be just as dangerous as unprotected driving, so learn the facts and stay safe. 

February is the month of love with Valentines's Day, National Condom Month, AND Sexual Responsibility Month merging into a campaign to get the word out that there is no excuse for not protecting yourself from STDs if you are sexually active.

On the display just inside the library, you will see a selection from our informative collection of books on safe sex and other related topics that are available for you to check out. 

You may want to visit these sites for more information:

Video from Discovery Health on STDs and safe sex

College Health Guide for Students

10 Questions to Ask Before Having Sex 

A fast word about oral contraception: "I asked a girl to go to bed with me and she said 'no.'"---Woody Allen


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