Wednesday, August 05, 2009

These Times They are A'Changin': Our Hours, That Is

Overheard in the lobby of the IMC:

Instructor:  So, if you turn in that paper by 9:00 tonight, you might pass.
Student:  Oh, thank you so much!  I will get right on it 'cause the library is open until 9:00 tonight, and I can work on it there and submit it to my drop-box.  My home computer died last week.  That's why I'm late getting it to you.
Instructor:  That's fine. Remember the drop-box closes at 9:00 PM.

Lucky for this student that we're open on the last day of classes, August 5, until 9:00 PM.  Man, it's really been busy in here this week.  Where have all these students been all summer?  I can't imagine that they have procrastinated on their assignments.  Maybe this is all extra credit work and they want to make sure their GPAs move forward instead of backward.

But I digress....

After today, August 5, the library will not be open evenings until September 3.  "What!?" you say.  Come on, now.  Take a break, already. Go home in the evenings and watch a few reruns of Star Trek, or take a walk on the riverwalk and count the herons, or treat your Granny to dinner, or play catch with your kids, or read War and Peace.  You know you've been putting that one off!

Then come back refreshed and ready to dig in and study like your career depends on it. 

Uh, hello. 

To see our hours for the next few weeks, click on this link HERE.

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