Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Media Equipment Now Available for Check-out

Do you need to enhance your presentation with video?  How about customize your PowerPoint slides with photographs of local interest?  Maybe submit a YouTube video to CNN's iReporter?  You can now do all those things with video equipment that you can check-out from the library. 

That's right!  We have a video camcorder, a digital camera, and a Flip video camcorder available for check-out to students, faculty, and staff.  Any of these pieces of media equipment can be checked out of the library with your CSTCC photo ID card.  In addition, there are 3 sets of headphones with microphones attached that can be used in the library with our PCs and Macs  or with your laptop. 

For responsibility and usage policies, see the Information Commons website or come by the library and ask Lori Warren or any other library staff for details.  

 Take the time to make your work stand out above the rest!

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