Friday, February 27, 2009

Try Out New E-Book Database--Then Comment

"Did you see it?"  she asked, provocatively.
 "See what?" you answered, skeptically. 
"The database trial link just below the blog links back on the home page," she replied, patiently.
"No, what's a database trial?" you inquired, inquisitively.
"It's a free try-out for a database we want you to look at." she responded, sincerely.
"Oh, what's it called?" you asked, interestedly.
"Ebrary," she said, excitedly. "It's a collection of e-books, similar to the password-protected database, NetLibrary, the ebook collection we already have." 
"Oh, yeah?" you responded, surprisedly.
"Yeah," she continued, encouragingly. "Why don't you try it out and let us know what you think?"
"Sure, I guess I could do that," you answered, willingly. 
"Great!  Just click on Ebrary Trial , type in your search topic, and see what comes up.  Tell us what you think about content and navigation, and be sure to try out all the cool features of the ebrary Reader .  We value your opinion and hope you'll comment profusely," she urged, enthusiastically.
"No problem," you remarked, casually. "I'm always looking for some new way to find stuff online. Thanks!

Check back later for the continuing saga of the database trials.

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