Friday, January 16, 2009

Hear and See Great Speeches on Jan. 21-22

We want to add to your Inaugural Address excitement by offering  you the opportunity to view and hear two other remarkable presentations:  President John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s  powerful "I Have a Dream" speech.

You are invited to come to the library's classroom on Wednesday, January 21 and Thursday, January 22 at noon to watch all or part of a 53-minute video entitled "Kennedy and King: Promises and Dreams."  (Watch it at this link if you miss the showing in the library, but viewing requires passwords which are available to currently enrolled students.) 

This film is program #4 in a 6-program series entitled Great American Speeches that is available in streaming video  format through the library's catalog.  In addition to the addresses noted above, you will also hear Kennedy's "American University speech calling for an end to nuclear proliferation, and the politically-charged 'Ich Bin ein Berliner" address delivered at the Berlin Wall, as well as parts of King's prophetic 'When a Man Has Already Died' speech.  

Some of the other speakers in the series include Gen. George Patton, Ronald Reagan, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jesse Jackson, Richard Nixon, Barbara Jordan, and Joseph McCarthy.  Let history come alive and re-live, or experience for the first time, some of the most memorable speeches made by men and women whose legacies endure.


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