Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Money, Money Everywhere and not a Cent to Spend

Is that the way you feel nowadays? People are throwing billions of dollars around like it was birdseed at a wedding, and you just want to be able to buy groceries and gas for the next few months, and maybe get a Christmas present for your devoted mother.

Well, guess what? No, we are not giving away cash, but you can go to one of several Money Management workshops offered by Career Services Center and Consumer Credit Counseling this Thursday, November 20 in OMN-124, otherwise known as the Faculty Dining Room. These times should fit everyone's schedule:

  • 8:00
  • 9:30
  • 11:00
  • 12:30
  • 2:00

Can't do that? Workshop not your thing? Then take a look at the book display here in the library and you'll find financial advice from the likes of the fabulous Suze Orman, the practical Jean Chatzky, the trusted Motley Fool, and the entertaining Robert Shemin, et al.


How about, you know, the Internet? Here's a coupla useful money management sites you might like to peruse while you wait for Thursday:

SmartMoney.com (investing, saving, and personal finance)

9 Sites That Help with Everyday Budgeting (free online tools and services that help consumers save money and manage it wisely. Whether you're looking to track your credit score, find a better savings rate or finally balance that monthly budget)

Mint.com (Mint downloads, categorizes, and graphs all of your finances automatically every day— so you don’t have to. Know where you’re spending, without spending any effort.)

Motley Fool's Personal Finance (Make more, save more, spend smarter, and keep more of what you earn.)

And good luck with that money managment project or maybe you'll have a New Year's resolution not to buy the $80.00 Wii game you thought you just had to have.

Life may be just a bowl of cherries, but at $4.69 a pound, we want the pits removed first!

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