Monday, July 28, 2008

From the Entrance to the Exit, Art Surrounds Us

In case you have been focused on your textbooks and haven't had a chance to observe the campus environment, you may not realize that our campus is adorned with an incredible collection of outdoor art. In fact, we have an "Outdoor Museum of Art" located between the student center and the humanities building. That designated location is only a part of the campus-wide effort curated by Joe Helseth, accomplished artist and sculptor, and Special Assistant to the President.

Lori Warren, Instructional Technology Librarian, and our newest staff member, has created a photo slideshow that she posted on her Windows Live space. Lori's creative photography, combined with this fantastical collection of unique sculpture, provides an entertaining way to appreciate the art around us and encourages us to walk around the campus for an "up close and personal" art experience.

Take a few moments to view Lori's slide show, then explore the campus to fully appreciate the art all around us.

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