Monday, June 09, 2008

Readers' Picks--What Library Staff are Reading--Part IV

Cathy Bell, avid reader of thrillers (among other genres), offers this rousing review of Quicksand, the newest release of one of her favorite authors--Iris Johansen.

Cathy says, "If you enjoy suspense and thriller type fiction, then you will want to read Iris Johansen's books. She is one of my favorite authors and I am always anxiously awaiting her new books. She uses many of the same characters in her books which, in my opinion, make them more real and defined.

Her newest book is called Quicksand. It is the continuing storyline about forensic sculptor Eve Duncan who is desperately searching for the body of her murdered daughter. (An interesting and real life fact about the author is that Ms. Johansen's daughter was murdered and her killer was never found.) Anyone could read this book as a stand alone, but it would be best to begin with the first book about Eve Duncan entitled The Face of Deception. When I first read the story about Eve Duncan, an intelligent and courageous woman, I was absolutely hooked!

Each book tells a different suspense story, yet the recurring theme is Eve's search for her daughter's body and killer.

I usually gauge how well I like a book based on whether I can put it down or not. I can honestly say that Iris Johansen's books are so good that you will not want to put the book down until you have turned the last page."

Image credit to Iris Johansen's official website.

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