Friday, April 25, 2008

Read Adam Beavers' Thoughtful Story

The student readings that were presented this week were amazing! Some pieces were funny, some quite serious, and some thought-provoking, but all were memorable and sincerely read.

We often wonder what inspires a writer to go outside what might seem to be his or her everyday experiences and create a world unlike that which we have projected upon him/her. Whether a work is fiction or non-fiction, believablility is often the element that brings a piece to life. We hear responses such as, "I can relate," or "That happened to me, too," or "Man, I hope that never happens in my life."

Adam Beavers, one of Bill Teem's creative writing students, read his brief but moving story entitled "Pleasant Pasture" and touched the audience with his ability to draw us into a world many of us have or will face in our lives.

We invite you to take a few moments and read "Pleasant Pasture," and then reflect on whether this situation has meaning for your own life.

Thanks to Adam for allowing us to post his story.

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