Thursday, April 10, 2008

Prismism and More--Art in the Library

On display now through May 15 are eight beautiful and amazing paintings by local artist Terry West. Mr. West has been a professional visual artist for more than 45 years and has owned Studio West for 35 of those years. In addition to painting, Terry has created graphic designs for numerous nationally known products, services, and company brands, as well as architectural renderings and murals. He also offers private instruction in his studio.

He describes his work this way: "It's a delight to interpret what I consider to be the essence of ideas, things, and places that are of interest to me, whether real or imagined." He sees his subjects as "ideas and things that have exceptional visual value and sometimes ideas and things that are virtually valueless but visually and thought provokingly interesting." His objective is "to stimulate the sense of sight in an artistic way and to express these things and ideas in a style befitting the subject matter."

He explains that one of his unique painting techniques which he has termed, "Prismism," is a way to "bring vertical eye movement and added visual stimulation to what otherwise might be horizontally dominant and sedentary."

We invite everyone to come by the library for a tantalizing introduction to the art of Terry West.

A more extensive collection of Mr. West's works is currently on display at the Optimal Health Institute (downtown) and in Bennett's Western Art Gallery, Chattanooga.

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