Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Life with Books--a memoir by CSTCC student Hana Colvin

As part of her work in Bill Teem's creative writing class, Hana Colvin wrote of her early attachment to books, their ability to remove her from an otherwise frustrating childhood, and the friends and adventures she found among the pages she so lovingly embraced. Like many children, Hana was introduced to the Little Golden books, Goodnight Moon, and a progression of chapter books and series, such as Little House, Nancy Drew, and Hardy Boys. As her reading interests and abilities grew, her selections became the classics in literature from Louisa May Alcott to J.M. Barrie to Mark Twain. But her delight turned to tragedy the day her beloved books were declared forbidden and removed.

In a public performance here in the library last November, Hana and some of her fellow classmates read their essays or "babies," as she calls them. The audience was moved by her thoughtful and emotional description of how her love of books and reading persisted in spite of obstacles placed in her path.

With Hana's approval, we have posted her engaging essay for others to read and enjoy. We know you will appreciate her writing ability as well as the inspirational message she conveys.

Read "Spine to Binding" by Hana Colvin.

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