Monday, November 26, 2007

Native American Heritage Month Book Display

A few days ago, I went through some of the books in the Augusta R. Kolwyck Library and selected some for display. The display ties in with Native American Heritage Month. The theme this year is "A Native Prescription: Balancing, Mind, Body and Spirit." I found several books that related to this year's theme. See more about this year's theme at the Library of Congress web site:

One book I particularly enjoyed browsing was titled "Black Seminoles." The story of John Horse who had to balance leadership and survival as a descendant of fugitive slaves and as a descendant of Florida Seminoles provided a lot of interest. A good website about John Horse is Rebellion: John Horse and the Black Seminoles at

Check out the Kolwyck library's research guide on Native Americans with selected reference books, websites, and library databases:

Also browse the call numbers of E 76 - E 99 for more books on native Americans.

Posted by Dwight Hunter

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