Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kolwyck Library hosts "Anne Frank: a History for Today"

The unforgettable highlight of the spring semester 2007 at Chattanooga State’s Augusta R. Kolwyck library was our hosting the "Anne Frank: a History for Today" traveling exhibit from the Anne Frank Center USA in New York. This remarkable exhibit features 33 free-standing panels consisting of facsimile reproductions of photographs and documents, accompanied by explanatory text. The content of the exhibit traces the story of Anne and her family as they struggled to evade the horrors of the Holocaust.

From March 21-April 20, we provided guided tours to almost 500 CSTCC students and nearly 700 Hamilton County students from both public and private schools.
We have no data on how many individuals or groups came without scheduling a guided tour, but the library’s “gate count” (number counted when walking through the exit gate) increased by 20,000 during the month of March alone.

We worked very hard to provide a positive learning experience for all who visited with us. Our hope is that those who toured this extraordinary exhibit learned the importance of tolerance, diversity, and understanding and how each one of us is responsible for promoting these values.

To read an account of the preparations and the many related activities that occurred on our campus, access this document.

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