Monday, March 20, 2006

RSS the easy way!

There are so many new terms being thrown around these days...RSS...Podcast...vidcast... They are everywhere. All of these are talking about ways to access text-based, audio (MP3), and video feeds. RSS is the technology that will bring these feeds to Firefox, iTunes, or your RSS aggregator of choice.

I did a workshop in the library today with an assignment guide. The guide has video links that show you how to access RSS feeds (
The firefox web browser ( has a built-in RSS reader where you can click on a link and paste the address into a Live Bookmark.

Firefox Orange Square

If you see RSS tags on your favorite pages, right-click on the tag and "copy link location". You can paste the link into a Firefox Live bookmark.

This was a preview of my RSS presentation. Please visit my web page ( and watch the videos to learn more. Videos are best viewed on a broadband connection like Comcast or Bellsouth DSL.
If you do not have a broadband connection, please watch the videos on the CSTCC campus.

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