Monday, July 19, 2021

Picture books, journals, and more in a new location!

Changes! Before this summer, you could peruse the picture books (children books) and print magazines in the information commons area of the library. Before this summer, you would walk past the green wall to turn the corner and see the lease books and audio books. No longer!

The green wall is gone and picture books, journals, magazines, audio books and lease books are all in the same location!

Shelving units emptied before being moved.

To prepare for the move, the Tech Services staff removed all of the picture books and the magazines from the shelves and loaded them onto book trucks. 

The audio books and lease books were temporarily moved to shelves.  Then the area was measured and taped to provide locations of the moved shelving units. Thanks to the physical plant staff who moved the shelving units down to the new location and took down the green wall. 

Area prepared before green wall was removed.

With the moved shelving and books, you can peruse picture books, audio books, lease books, magazines, and journals all in one location and be near the service desk for checkout! And you can sit on the green wavy bench to read!

Magazines and journals

Picture books

No green wall!

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