Monday, March 05, 2018

Use the map button to find a book

When you use One KLIC to find a book in the library, there's an added feature to the search result - Map It.

In this example, the call number for the book is displayed in the search result, and the book is listed as available. The call number listed here is F444.C457 Z56 1998. While this information is needed, it may not be particularly helpful if you don't know where to find the book in the library. That's where the Map It button can help - highlighted in green in the image below.

When you use the Map It button, a map will open with a display as shown below.

The red arrow points to the location of the book. By this map, we know the book is about halfway down this particular range which is also in red. The directions informs which shelf to look for and which call number to look for in that particular range of books. In the image below, the directions are highlighted.

There are signs on the top of each range with a number and the letter A or B.  With the map, the signs, and the call number, you have the tools needed to find the book. As always, if you need help, please ask the public services desk. We will be glad to show you how to retrieve the book.   

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