Tuesday, September 02, 2014

College Tips - How to Be Successful in College

"Amy Blazek created these tips for our Collegiate High students, but these tips can be useful for any college student." - Library Staff

Mrs. Blazek’s Tips for How to BE Successful in College, 2014

Being SELF-MOTIVATED is the biggest predictor of success as a Collegiate High and as an Early College student.
  • Read your course syllabus for each class.
  • Keep track of assignment/test deadlines.
  • If you have a lab, you MUST attend (It is NOT optional!) It counts towards your course grade.

Your college transcript starts NOW!

  1. The sooner you ask for help from your professor the better off you’ll be. Communication is vital!
  2. Utilize the library for assistants with navigating eLearn, MyLabs Plus, TigerWeb, and the library databases. Schedule RAD-research assistances for one-on-one help.
  3. Go to class every day. Make sure to sign-in with instructor so he can keep attendance.
  4. If you have questions with class websites or computer software then ask questions and get technical help first thing. Do not wait until an assignment is due.
  5. Check your eLearn account and your personal email accounts regularly for correspondence from professors and from the Chattanooga State campus.
  6. Have all materials when you show up to class. If the professor asks you to buy a book or computer software, then they expect you to do that. Put in the effort! Actually READ the book!
  7. If a professor takes the time to make a study guide for an exam, you should definitely utilize it.
  8. Pace your assignments/test deadlines. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Even if all the class assignments are not due until the day of the exam).HINT-some math exams are not accessible on the computer until all of your coursework is done for that unit!
  9. If your personal computer is not working, there are computer labs on campus. This is NOT a good excuse.
  10. As you prepare for class, write down questions you have to ask your professors in class the next day or by email.
  11. Use your free time WISELY!
  12. If you need help with note taking and study skills, Chatt State offers several free workshops on these topics. Stop by the Reading and Writing Center on the 2nd floor of the IMC building for dates and times.
  13. If you are taking a foreign language, the workbook is REQUIRED!
  14. If a professor tells you that you can turn in a rough draft of a paper, then do that. It may not be required but they’re offering you extra help.
  15. Take advantage of extra credit opportunities!!!!

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