Friday, March 08, 2013

What’s New@Kolwyck Library

What’s New@Kolwyck Library 

·         Library’s Interim Website:  Currently, the Web Committee is working on making refinements and conducting usability testing with Faculty, Staff and Students.  Here’s quick video pointing out a couple of features that you need to know!  How to Get Started and Power Search

·         Hello – Goodbye!  This Month, we said good bye to Sharon King, long time Library Staff Member.  Thank you, Sharon, for your 23 years of service.  We welcome Cynthia Cohen to Sharon’s vacated position.

·         Library Refurbishment Plans:  The Library has been working with interior designer, Jane Grant in planning for a library refurbishment.  It’s a very exciting time for us!  Many thanks goes to Tammy Swenson, Drs. Catanzaro and Hewlett, and many others for making this happen!

·         Library Staff In-House Retreat:  On January 10-11, the Library welcomed Ms. Sue Hisle, Information Services Manager at Appalachian State University as a guest and facilitators for our in-house Library Staff Retreat.  During the retreat, library staff began formulating plans for new ways of training staff and students and developing new ways to provide services to our patrons. 

·         Social Media Forum:  January 14 & 16th, the Library hosted a Social Media Forum.  We had a dozen or so participants from ChSCC, local libraries and area business to discuss various aspects of the impact of social media.

Events Held In Kolwyck:  Kolwyck Library hosted two wonderful exhibits for Black History Month:  1) African American Inventors and 2) Black Solders in the Civil War. 
Stigall Poetry Contest Reading: Check out the pics from this great event.

Susan L. Jennings
Dean of Library Services - Augusta R. Kolwyck Library
Chattanooga State Community College


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