Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Four Study Rooms

Did you know there are four first-come, first serve study rooms in the library?

103C is one of these rooms.  Each room has a table, comfortable chairs, whiteboard, and electrical outlets. 

Some requirements and expectations for these rooms are to keep it orderly; must have more than one student using the room;  and remember all four rooms share the same ceiling, so noise (and conversations) can travel from one room to another easily.

103C study room entrance
103C study room table and chairs

 And here is an example of a whiteboard in use in one of the study rooms:

Students using study room whiteboard
In addition to the four study rooms, there is also the multimedia conference room. However, unlike the four study rooms, this room must be reserved at the library's check-out desk as it is used by different college departments, the library staff, as well as students.

Use the study rooms for collaboration on projects or group study. The study rooms are another example of service provided by the Chatt State Library for students.

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