Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Library Hosts Videos for International Festival

Wednesday, April 13 from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Chattanooga State will go "Around the World in One Day" and host the International Festival in the Ampitheater area. 

As part of the celebration of multiculturalism, a tent will be located behind the ampitheater where librarian Laura Young will present a selection of videos.  Bring your lunch and enjoy one or more of the programs in this series:

How Other Cultures Do Business

The program for the day will be:

10:00 - Globalization at a Crossroads

Market liberalization in East Asia, Bolivia, Russia,
and China (26 min., Films for the Humanities 2010)

10:30 - Toyota’s Drive to the Top

Japan's first automaker has learned a few lessons about corporate identity in the global economy-and what it will take to become the world's largest automaker (50 min, 2005)

11:25 - India Rising: The New Empire

The astonishing new power of the Indian economy
and its growing pains (44 min, 2008)

12:10 - Blending of Culture: Latino Influence on America

Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Mexican-Americans
and their widespread influence (30 min, 2001)

12:40 - China Inside Out: Building Relationships with the Next Superpower

China’s growing strength and influence around the
world (42 min, Original ABC broadcast, 2008)

1:25 - Road to Riches: Black Empowerment in Today’s South Africa

Uthingo, the consortium of black-empowerment companies that manages the national lottery (57 min, 2003)

If you are a current student or employee, and you miss any of the presentations, you can view them by accessing this video database with the current passwords.

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