Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chatt State Reads Michael Pollan's The Botany of Desire

This semester the Chatt State Reads Book Club will read and discuss a remarkable work of non-fiction that enlightens us on the history and impact of man's pursuit to satisfy four distinctly human desires with four common plants:
  • to experience sweetness in the sense of taste--the apple 
  • to add beauty to his environment--the tulip
  • to induce pleasure by altering his brain chemistry--the marijuana plant
  • to control nature--the potato
In his much acclaimed book The Botany of Desire, author Michael Pollan explores our desires and delves into the psychology of why we pursue these plants. As Mr Pollan says,

"We don't give plants nearly enough credit.
They have been working on us; they've been using us for their own purposes."

Join us for lunch (provided for the first 15 attendees) and a look at nature the way you have never considered it before. Come by the library and pick up a copy of the book (limited quantities) and participate in our discussions at noon in the library classroom on these dates:
February 23--Part 1
March 16--Part 2
April 6--Part 3
Aprill ? (to be determined by participants)--Part 4

For more information, contact:

             Scott Seagle, 697-3231 or

             Vicky Leather, 697-2576 or

              Tisa Houck, 697-2577 or


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