Thursday, March 12, 2009

Enjoy Nature Photography by Michon Wong

The library's current exhibit of beautiful nature photography is the creation of local photographer Michon Wong.  After retiring in 1986 as principal of East Ridge High School, Ms. Wong began experimenting with a digital camera by capturing the natural elements, especially lotus blossoms, that filled the pond her husband built for her in their backyard.  

Because she has always been an admirer of Asian art, Michon continues to use the lotus blossom as the subject of many of her works, and her Chinese husband often uses golden ink to add bits of Chinese poetry to the photographs.  She says that the lotus blossom "symbolizes purity as the straight, hollow stem rises from the muck of a pond to produce a beautiful white or pink blossom."

Ms. Wong's photographs have been on exhibit at the In-Town Gallery on Frazier Ave. and at the Tennessee Art League Premier Gallery in Nashville.   We are fortunate to have eight of her captivating photographs on display in the library through the month of March.  We invite you to come by and experience this artist's intriguing work.

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