Monday, October 20, 2008

She's Ba-a-a-a-a-ck!

In August we were excited to have a vibrant art exhibit by local artist Christie O'Grady. Well, she's back! Christie and the ArtBox Gallery have loaned us several more of her works, this time from her newest collection.

Christie says of her work, "I am interested in what I call 'the field' from which everything emerges, and the movement of manifestation out of this field. I think of it as primal material springing out of a void. I see it as vibrant energy filled with infinite potential."

Energetic, wondrous, fantastical, and stunning are good words to use to describe her creations. Here you can see just one of her works, but come by and look at her other pieces and visit her website for a glimpse into her world.

Here are the titles and brief descriptions of the six pieces on display. The arrangement is in order from the classroom entrance to the back of the library.

  • Gray Dancing Forms---framed; oil & acrylic on canvas; 26"h x 30"w
  • Bright Pink Forms---acrylic on panel; 24"h x 30"w
  • Vesica Pisces---framed; oil on canvas; 20"h x 40"w
  • Foliage: Four Directions---framed; acrylic & oil on panel; 24"h x 30"w
  • Sketch: Orange & Pink---unframed: acrylic over palette knife on panel; 24"h x 30"W
  • Foliage Communication---unframed: oil on panel; 24"h x 30"W

Image credit to Christie O'Grady.

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